Welcome to Shebafilms

ShebaFilms is a film production company based in Thunder Bay, Ontario. We focus primarily on documentary filmmaking, but we also produce fiction, commercial and educational films. The company was established in 1996 as Shebandowan Films by Kelly Saxberg and Ron Harpelle. We have filmed around the world and documentaries focusing on history, globalization, social justice, the environment and mental health issues, ShebaFilms has built a reputation of creating strong documentary content that speaks to important issues in Canada and abroad. We produce films as both ShebaFilms and FrancoFinn Films.

For more than 20 years ShebaFilms has actively promoted the film industry in Northwestern Ontario. ShebaFilms is one of the leading film and video production companies the region. We benefit from the existence of the Film and Digital Media programs at Confederation College to train and help develop skilled professionals for film productions in our region. Our geographic location and success at filmmaking enable us to take advantage of funding incentives for Northern Ontario.

ShebaFilms produces films and videos in English, French and Spanish for a global market. Our productions and co-productions have been broadcast nationally and internationally and they have been screened around the world at film festivals, in classrooms and at academic conferences. In addition to our own ideas, in recent years we have collaborated with academic researchers to make documentaries to mobilize knowledge about their projects.

You can find lots of our work on our Vimeo Channel. Here you can watch many of our films, meet many of our friends, and also see examples of our other work.

For a little taste of the kind of work we do, watch this short film about Charlie Wilkins. If you like this example of our work, you can watch The Big Blue which is the feature-length film that followed.