Sharing Tebwewin – 2008

“Sharing Tebwewin” (Sharing the Truth) is a 30-minute educational documentary designed to help health workers become more “culturally competent” in their work with First Nations people.

It features interviews with Dr. Cornelia (Nel) Wieman, the first indigenous woman to become a psychiatrist in Canada. It also features a discussion panel of First Nations Health professionals and interviews with Stella Montour, a Consumer/Survivor advocate. The video tackles the impacts of historical issues like Residential Schools and the 60’s Scoop and draws on the experience and knowledge of Nel and other professionals to illustrate why culturally specific and historically-informed services are an essential and immediate requirement.

The film was made with support from  First Nation Initiative (FNI), a committee of First Nations health professionals from various organizations in Thunder Bay and Dr. Paul Mulzer of the St. Joseph’s Care Group.

You can watch Sharing Tebwewin here.